Saturday, September 3, 2016

it's beginning to look a lot like... what wookie is this anyway?

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar [75146] (Do not open!)
LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar [75146] (Do not open!)

A white wookie, a silver droid, and a whole lot more! What else can a Star Wars fanboy ask for? The LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar [75146] is now available! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

It's funny that LEGO released the advent calendars as early as September (The LEGO Friends Advent Calendar [41131] and LEGO City Advent Calendar [60133] are already on sale as well). This reminds me of the blissful Filipino tradition of starting the holiday celebrations as soon as the -Ber months arrive.

I really can't think of a perfect holiday themed Star Wars pun for my title (my brain is currently limited to the likes of Silver Droid, Silver Droid or Wookie guide my sleigh tonight?), until I settled with the one above. I truly wonder who the white wookie is. All signs seem to point to a snow-covered Chewbacca with a peppermint flavored bandolier.

But I can't build or even see him yet. My wife wrote a note that I can't open the box 'til 1 December. This is her gift to me by the way (Thank you pi!). And she's complaining that the set only included 24 gifts instead of 25, making it one present short (Um, thank you LEGO!). The LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar [75146] is my first advent calendar ever. I can't wait to open each and every mini door and reveal what's behind them. It can be a Star Wars themed minifigure, starship, vehicle, or other themed collectible. With this advent calendar, LEGO promises a festive tour of the galaxy, from Hoth to Tatooine to Naboo.

I really love the concept of an advent calendar. You can sing the Twelve Days... song but you have to add twelve days more. If you or your loved ones don't like Star Wars (Who doesn't?!), Friends, or City, you can make your own version. Your only limit is your imagination. I can envision myself customizing a Disney theme for my wife (Why is there no LEGO Disney Advent Calendar?!).

This will also be the first time for my wife and I to be away from our dear families and friends during the holiday season. The advent calendars are by no means substitutes for that longing, but they sure can entertain us even for just a little while...

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