Tuesday, October 25, 2016

project monochrome: black

Black Monochrome Minifigure
Black Monochrome Minifigure

Continuing my minimal art project in brick form, I have decided to go back to the basic black...

After my first White Monochrome Minifigure, I chose to follow it up with another basic color, black. Like white pieces, black pieces are also very easy to procure. I acquired all the black minifigure parts from my local LEGO Shop's Build-a-Mini. Unfortunately, there were no plain black head and torso pieces available, so I just selected the ones with the least printing. With the same process as before, I removed the paint using cotton swabs and a rag cloth with Brasso metal polish.

For its first interpretation, the Black Monochrome Minifigure is presented as a soldier. Why? The honest reason is that during the time of the shoot, the soldier hat is my only plain black piece. Besides, I think it looks super cute, like a shadow escapee from The Nutcracker.

Black Monochrome Minifigure: Soldier
Black Monochrome Minifigure: Soldier

Slowly, I'm collecting various extra pieces for my Project Monochrome (I find it hard to break a set for just a particular needed piece). I can't wait to execute what I have envisioned for this minimalist aspect of my brick fixation...

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