Thursday, October 27, 2016

UK LEGO store star wars rebel A-wing pilot promotion

Rebel A-Wing Pilot Promotion
Rebel A-Wing Pilot Promotion
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It was announced in the UK LEGO Store Christmas 2016 Newsletter that the Star Wars Rebel A-Wing Pilot [5004408] will be finally available as a free gift with purchase come December.

The long sought Phoenix Squadron Pilot minifigure will be officially up for grabs at last in the UK brick market. The minifigure is from Star Wars Rebels, more specifically from the end of the second season. The promotion runs from 11 to 31 December, with a free Rebel A-Wing Pilot [5004408] polybag (while supplies last) for any Star Wars purchase over £25.

I know it's a bit early for this announcement, that's why I plan to make another post later on to remind us of this certain promotion. I'm sure, like me, you wouldn't want to miss this...

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