Monday, March 27, 2017

project monochrome: reddish brown

Reddish Brown Monochrome Minifigure
Reddish Brown Monochrome Minifigure

After the basic white and black, what could possibly be next for my my minimal art project in brick form? Brown, of course! Or more specifically, reddish brown...

Progress in my Project Monochrome has been a bit sluggish of late for I wasn't able to actively hunt for spare minifigure parts. I still lack a piece or two to complete two to three working minifigures. But then I realized, I haven't shared with you guys my third one.

For the Reddish Brown Monochrome Minifigure, I did not use any Brasso or anything to erase any paint because I got every piece virginal plain. (Purists, rejoice!). Believe it or not, I got every blank piece in my local LEGO Store Build-a-Mini, with the exception of the head, which I just conveniently BrickLink-ed.

I don't know if I'm just too much of a food lover, but in my eyes the Reddish Brown Monochrome Minifigure looks good enough to eat. Doesn't it look like a piece of chocolate? Let's add a cowboy hat before anyone eats it.

Reddish Brown Monochrome Minifigure: Cowboy
Reddish Brown Monochrome Minifigure: Cowboy

It still looks edible!

I can't wait to finish the other minifigures. Hopefully soon, I'll find the pieces that I'm after...

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