Monday, June 26, 2017



Happy 20th Harry Potter!

Or more appropriately, Happy 20th anniversary Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone! Can you believe it?! The book that started all the magic in the Wizarding World was first published twenty years ago today in the United Kingdom! Man, I feel old, haha! Though, for me, it won't be until the dawn of the new millennium that I have first opened the pages of this enchanting book. Regardless, I still feel old, haha! But seriously now, thank you very much Harry for letting me accompany you in your adventures, and grow up with you on the process. And I think most importantly, thank you for introducing me to a whole lot of wonderful people, not only in your world but also in mine. Of course when I say Harry, I truly meant the virtuoso behind it all. To Joanne Kathleen Rowling, thank you very much for adding magic in my childhood!

(P.S. I almost forgot that this is a LEGO fan blog, so thank you LEGO for translating the Wizarding World into brick form. Awesome! Oh, and my LEGO Harry Potter visited the studio tour as well.)

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