Sunday, August 6, 2017

august mini model build: rainbow fish

August Mini Model Build [40246]
August Mini Model Build [40246]

The LEGO Store's Monthly Mini Model Build for August is a colorful rainbow fish!

Continuing the splashy theme from last month's adorable octopus, this month's fun little build is a cute rainbow fish. The design may be simple (for the kids to easily follow) yet smart enough to include articulated fins! It may have lack the colors from the far ends of the spectrum, but that didn't stop this Mini Model Build to attract (wanted) attention. By the way, the clear stand is not included in the polybag.

Rainbow Fish
Rainbow Fish

If you want to construct your own rainbow fish, check out the building instructions here. And it doesn't have to be rainbow colored. Be creative and imaginative!

P. S. A little bird told me that next month's Mini Model Build is reptilian, roars loudly, and supposedly scary. I'm just not sure with the last part because I took a quick peep, and I find it really cute! What do you think will it be?

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