Friday, August 18, 2017

U-wing fighter [30496] review

U-Wing Fighter [30496]
U-Wing Fighter [30496]

Rebel alert! It's the U-Wing Fighter [30496] polybag!

I finally got my hands on the U-Wing Fighter [30496] minibuild! If you have read one of my previous posts earlier this year, you can deduce that my best mates and I have gotten together after a long, long time. They bought this polybag for me from their recent LEGOLAND Windsor visit. Super thank you kuys and ate (big brother and big sister)!

Now that I've thought about it, I haven't seen this polybag elsewhere here in the UK. It sounds like the Empire did some shady business.

Back to the minibuild, it's needless to say that I've enjoyed building the U-Wing in this scale (or maybe I'm just really Rogue One biased). It looks like a shrunk version of the big set [75155] (which I did a gallery on)! Every piece corresponds to every part. From the thrust engines to the cockpit. I can't help but see Bistan gunning by the door.


My only complaint is that the wings are not foldable. But at this scale, that's perfectly understandable.

Hopefully I'll find more time soon to enjoy my other Rogue One sets. And I wish LEGO will release more Rogue One sets, haha!

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