Saturday, September 9, 2017

september mini model build: dinosaur

September Mini Model Build [40247]
September Mini Model Build [40247]

The LEGO Store's Monthly Mini Model Build for September is a cutesy dinosaur!

For this month, the Mini Model Build not only moved up to the surface, but also traveled back in time. The splashy underwater theme was left behind in favor of this adorable prehistoric reptile. As always, the design is simple and colorful to appeal to the kids targeted in the monthly activity. It comes with a green body, bright red and green spikes, and articulated arms and tail! The head is also movable as it is attached to a turntable piece (though the 360° turn is a bit creepy for me, but I'm sure the little ones will find it funny).


If you want to build your own amazing dino, check out the instructions here. It doesn't have to be the exact bricks and the exact color. Be creative and imaginative!

Next month's Mini Build is a high-tech robot! It will be available in UK Lego Stores on 5 October, from 1600 to 1800. For more details, contact your local LEGO Stores or check out their online Store News.

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