Thursday, September 29, 2016

UK LEGO store rogue friday / force friday 2016 promotion

First Order Stormtrooper [30602]
First Order Stormtrooper [30602]

After making a few phone calls about Force Friday, the UK LEGO Stores employees told me that for 2016...

It's no longer called Force Friday. The galactic event is now dubbed as Rogue Friday to commemorate the release of the new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story sets. As of writing, no official announcement has been released yet. I was told to expect an email about it anytime soon. But the employees that I talked to were kind enough to confirm that the promotion for Force Rogue Friday is that for any LEGO Star Wars purchase, one can get triple VIP points and a free First Order Stormtrooper [30602] polybag. It's the same minifigure from this year's May the 4th event but without the required minimum purchase, and with triple VIP points to boot. The promotion runs from 30 September to 2 October, so it's more of a Force Rogue Weekend! The promotion is also available in the online LEGO Shop as well.

Free First Order Stormtrooper
Free First Order Stormtrooper

UPDATE: Official Force Rogue Friday offers are now online! Learn all about them here. Don't forget to use the code GB10 at checkout to get £10 off with orders over £40!

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